We excel at understanding data of all types and building great tools to help you understand it, too.

The power of intuition

We go beyond cookie-cutter Excel-style charts. Most visualization software helps you generate static images of certain parts of your data from rigid perspectives. Our tools are immersive, allowing you to explore the terrain of your data. Our goal is to help you understand your data at an intuitive level.

A demonstration of our VisClay product (coming soon), which is designed to give people an intuitive sense of presence in data.

Custom work is our specialty

If an existing tool can be used out of the box to understand your data, then you're playing catch up. If you're innovating, then you will invariably need custom data analysis tools. We build tools that can help you make sense of your data. Good tools. Built quickly.

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Altometrics Dynamic Thresholding Tool screenshot
A screenshot from our Dynamic Thresholding Tool, which you can interact with here.

Speed and quality

Elegant tools save time, both for the creator and the user. We find the elegant solution, then engage our deep expertise with our favorite meta-tools (like Clojure, d3.js, Datomic, and Angular.js) to create it quickly. We like to have our cake and eat it, too.

World Cup analysis tool screenshot
A screenshot from our 2014 FIFA World Cup analysis tool, which we wrote from scratch in one week.